Personalized Mobile Video
Making a 1:1 Connection with Consumers on Their Most Important Device

Successfully connecting with consumers on mobile requires personalized content. Vehicle’s mobile marketing & advertising platform drives engagement, increases loyalty, sales, and reduces churn by enabling you to make a one-to-one connection with consumers using personalized video or rich media.


Vehicle’s video personalization platform delivers high definition content with no limitations. All aspects of the audio and visual tracks can be tied to a variable, delivering true one-to-one communication with your target consumer.

Maximum Campaign Relevancy Through Personalized Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & marketing success comes from delivering a highly relevant message to the right consumer—at the heart of Vehicle’s platform is a hyper-targeted personalization engine, allowing you to dynamically render all media formats from video to text, enabling you to establish a true one-to-one connection with your consumer anywhere they live within the mobile, digital and social ecosystem.

Mad Scientist + Creative Genius

New frontiers require new approaches to old challenges. Vehicle’s world-class creative team can assist in navigating the new rules in the mobile space—whether that is building unique customer experiences or creating mobile-centric video and motion design.

Connect the WHO and the WHAT Across the Mobile, Social and Digital Ecosystem

Targeting a segment of one. Vehicle synthesizes network targeting along with 1st or 3rd party data to individualize your campaign message. Our technology and expertise will maximize relevancy and performance, connecting you one-to-one with your customer across their life cycle: acquisition, re-engagement, and loyalty.

Select your strategy

Insights + Creative + Technology = Success

Vehicle can help your organization build custom programs from the ground up, bringing together an experienced team of strategists, technologists and creatives. Mobile is not just a channel but an extension of your customer’s digital life. Connecting with consumers in a meaningful way via mobile requires a specialized approach.

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