Vehicle complements its leading technology with services that leverage extensive brand, agency, and mobile experience. Clients learn best practices and gain a greater understanding of the uniqueness of the mobile channel. This ensures that each campaign is strategically sound.

Strategic Planning

Innovation comes from technology, creative and a disciplined plan. Vehicle believes a rigorous strategic planning process as is fundamental to any program’s success. We are experienced digital marketers who have worked across channels, platforms, and brands for tailored, business results.


Having expertise delivering video across the mobile ecosystem requires a creative team that understands the principles of video production as well as how to engage customers appropriately by channel. Award-winning professionals at Vehicle are experts in video, animation and motion graphics within the mobile space. They direct or create content meant for the channel while discouraging the repurposing of broadcast or online material.

Mobile technology planning
Mobile testing
Personalized Video

Technology Planning & Development

Vehicle’s accomplished developers bring end-to-end solutions, including custom mobile web landing environments. Specializing in complex data this team can help bring end-to-end solutions to your campaign.


Vehicle’s analytics team provides major brands with essential business intelligence insights enabling fast decision making to drive maximum performance. Services include:

  • Large data file storage & management
  • Campaign list selection & preparation with control group management
  • Campaign performance, analysis & reporting
  • Live interactive campaign results & operational dashboards
  • Multivariate campaign testing
  • Propensity modeling
  • Customer segmentation & targeting
  • Churn analysis
  • Promotion history & campaign touch studies
  • Customer behavior and ad hoc analyses
  • Trigger based campaign creation & execution