Our leading dynamic video advertising platform enables brands to make more meaningful, personal & relevant 1 to 1 connections with their customers.

Vehicle’s dynamic content rendering engine and ad server allows you to leverage all targeting data available, enabling your personalized video ad to shape more precisely to your impression, maximizing relevancy and engagement. Personalized and dynamic ads drive substantially higher response and conversion.

In addition to personalized video ads, Vehicle’s dynamic rendering engine can support all forms of rich media, helping you to manage your entire campaign from end-to-end.

Style – Retargeting Campaign

Instead of serving “Sasha” a video ad highlighting Style’s Spring line, they chose to thread together some 1st party data in the ad-call. In this case, they knew Sasha was interested in the Spring pink skinny jeans because she had either flagged as a favorite or it was the last view during a recent visit to their website. Using dynamic video ads and bringing the product to life, Style was able to dynamically serve Sasha what she loves in a more relevant message.The result? 30% higher conversion to sale than a generic ad.

Key features of our advertising platform

  • Hyper-targeted personalized video and rich media
  • Personalization optimization
  • Real-time bidding (RTB) or programmatic buying across an expansive network
  • 3rd party data marketplace to augment 1st party or targeting data to ensure the highest message relevancy

Agnostic and open tech

Vehicle’s video personalization ad server is integrated with a wide range of digital partners including most DSP, Trading Desks and DMPs, enabling us to easily work within your team’s current buying and planning practices.

Vehicle provides full transparency in reporting, giving you visibility into your campaign’s performance at the publisher level.